Multicolor laser diode arrays for medical applications

Mike Leszczynski 

Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of High Pressure Physics (UNIPRESS), Sokolowska 29/37, Warszawa 01-142, Poland


TopGaN is the only manufacturer of the GaN-based laser diode arrays. Such devices have a number of advantages over traditional single-stripe laser diodes (higher power, less heat density to be dissipated, possiblity of having addressable device, etc.).

In the frame of EU VII Framework Project EDOCAL (Early detection of cancer), we have developed a new device - multicolor laser diode array emitting in a wide spectral range of 390-420 nm. The new device replaces an old version of a system consiting of 5-7 seperate laser diodes, which was expensive and difficult in adjusting, as the laser light has to be directed into the waveguide of the endoscope.

The invention of the multicolor laser diode array is based on the discovery that indium incorporation into the InGaN quantum wells depends on the misorientation of the GaN substrate. By lateral patterning of the substrate we are able to vary the local misorientation and thus, to have a different wavelength of light emitted from each stripe of the array.


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Presentation: Oral at Nanotechnologia PL 2011, by Mike Leszczynski
See On-line Journal of Nanotechnologia PL 2011

Submitted: 2011-09-05 20:08
Revised:   2011-09-15 02:03