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Managing staff

Event Organisers can be divided into three groups:

  • adminstrative staff (supervisors, secretaries, financial manages)
  • scientific staff (chairmen, referees, scientific advisory board members, etc.) and
  • members of honorary committees.

The Conference Engine™ supports all these groups, however administrative and scientific staff need strongest electronic support. Organisers can be assigned to the specific duties using "Staff management" option available in "Administration" menu. Participant of the event may be turned into Organiser by picking his/her name from pull-down list. After few seconds (screen redraw) new name will appear in table of Organisers showed below:


Assignment of a specific role in the event organisation can be done by checking of appropriate field in the table. After pressing of "Save" button, new priviledges (e.g. access to participant search) are granted and new Organisers may immediately perform his/her duties.